MD2017 + Update

2017-09-25 15:44:16 by MadCzech

Happy late MADNESS DAY 2017 to everyone!

Unfortunately MadCzech wasn't so active this year only one member created an animation on MD2017.

G4RPL3I and His Madness Absurd:

Another animation that's worth mentioning is the animation by slimshady0592 and his Kilroy Madness.  
Realy nice animation.

• Kilroy Madness:

That's all...

As you may know, Djianer has ended. I don't know if he absolutely ended, but MadCzech doors are still open for him.

But we don't think he will be anyhow active in making new animation, so... Maybe... End.

BUT MadCzech is still active!

Maybe we will not be as active as before, but we will still make new animations for you. Stay tuned!


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