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Kicked some users for unactivity

Posted by MadCzech - October 22nd, 2017

Bad times are here...

Now it's a year since MadCzech stopped in fact work, I'm sorry, but it's time to make order in the community and to kick members who do not work and do nothing, extremelly slow progress.

I was disgusted to watch the rotting and the lazy members, who have not been able to create anything, I gained information about the end of the MadCzech and the closure of this community and that in any case I won't! I put a lot of effort make a great place and it's like that awkward end?

Kicked Members:
@ScorpionCZ (Critically little time, the eternal waiting for parts)
@Agmon525 (Dysfunctional member, not interested)
@Klouad ( Not interested)

... What will be now? A question I ask myself also, and I can't give you the answer, I feel miserable and I know that this decision is final.

Admin: Djjaner
Members: JohnyPixel, G4RPL3I


Comments (14)

I'm back in MadCzech :D Hell yeah

Congrats johnypixel

i like how half of the team is gone now lol

Bad news :(

Where is Armi?

Armi is out long ago.

How do you know Dj we are unactive?

You´re seriously braindead.

I love how that community that had the dream of being revolutionary to the Madness Community ended up with JUST 3 members, because the owner kicked the other ones without a complete excuse.

Revolutionary? You are serious! lol

Everything about this is funny, because long time ago I would have hoped that you guys constantly made great and interesting content just like GP Studios so it didn't feel like the only relevant animation group in the MC Community were them, but that's different now. Since the very moment that I realized that you were the owner in the group I thought ''Okay, this group is doomed'', like... Remember CZMC?? That Czech animation group died too because of YOU and your bad decisions (I think you left the community for the 23124314th time).

My condolences for everyone that got kicked out... but you, on the other hand, were asking for this with your constant screw ups and drama that was ruining the community's atmosphere. And judging by Agmon's comments, it looks like kicking those 3 guys out was a very poorly though out decision.
It's also funny because you kicked out people that made stuff, some of that stuff wasn't that good but you didn't give them a chance to let them improve (and develop their own style instead of copying yours) and you also didn't have the patience to understand their shortcomings instead of just kicking them out because ''they have little time so they are useless''

Now look at your group now, the only relevant animators on it are Johny and you, because G4rpl3l needs to improve A LOT to be perceived as a good animator, the ideas are sometimes in there but... his animation needs a lot of improvement.
The only way your group can get out of this is that you make an ungodly effort in trying to bring back the guys you just kicked out and let them work on their own pace and style while improving, but that ain't gonna happen because you don't know how to decide properly.

I'm sorry to say this but I don't see any kind of good future for MadCzech, the damage is done and I predict that G4rpl3l is going to lose his hopes on the group and will eventually leave... Or you will probably kick him out too and then it will be down to you and Johny... and unless you become the greatest animator duo to ever exist in the community then no, you will not last long after those losses

You brought this on yourself... and nobody's going to give you a dime on your patreon, since we all know how well you keep your promises.

No need to read and comment. It's so funny that I forced this message to delete.

The dysfunctional one usually make the best madness. no pun intended.


MadCzech doesn't need many member. The best ones are yet active and it is more than good! Good Luck guyes

Well that's kinda sad, but can other people join MadCrezh? Or only Slovenia and Czech Republic?